Oia, Santorini

                                                                     Oia, Santorini

I doubt this will be a proper Blog, and a blogger I am not - what this is, is a collection of experiences, places, things, and beings that have inspired me to do what I do today.

A future in florals was not clear nor ordained. Myself at 29, with a studio in the heart of Sydney, working with my ever supportive husband, and a multitude of floral creations for brides, grooms, lovers, loved ones, leaders, and lost ones. This is as much of a shock to myself now as much as I am sure would have been to that of a little girl growing up in Sri Lanka. She was me, in love with nature and animals, traveling near every so often between Colombo City, and rural Matugama. The city was 'The New' in my life, where modern values were gaining ground over previous ingrained conservative values,  and my Mothers' fashion line created beautiful designs for the Modern, Sri Lankan Woman. This world really shaped my creativity and introduced me to colour, design and style. Contrasted to this, the weekends which I spent with my Father and my grandparents, who's family lived off the land. Here the seeds of nature where planted in my mind, the untouched natural beauty of lushious greens and clear blues, strange things and pretty things grew wild from the ground and most were utilised to sustain, never over consumed or left to waste. Here I learned the value of nature in its most organic form.

I got uprooted at the age of 9, off to Sydney, Australia. My teens and early adulthood saw yearly travels between Sydney and Colombo. As I gained more years on to my life, my curiosity initially would lead me across South East Asia and then beyond. I was hooked on travel and remain so today.

My husband and I run Kiko Design together, and we are avid travelers, anxiously searching for that brief gap between work and wallet where we are provided the opportunity to set off to a new destination. This is where I draw my inspiration and energy from, and in business you need a lot of energy. We travel because it is neccesary to life, travel awards the traveller with new perspective, experience, space to re-invent and time to introspect, time to just be.

I can honestly say that we tried 'the norm': degrees, offices, deadlines, lunches, meetings and everything in between. What we found was not ever what we dreamed, or just the fufilment of someone else's. We found that life is without meaning, insuch that you must create your own and it is permissible to do so. It starts with stepping outside the comfort zone and taking a little risk. The adventures that we share below are the adventures that have shaped all that we create for you today....